Better Circulation = Better Quality of Life



Better Circulation = Better Quality of Life

Every cell in your body is replaced every 7 to 15 years so why do we age? Well, it's obvious that our body's lost the capability to build the same or better cells that it's replacing Why? Is it possible that it doesn't have the building blocks it needs to build the cells because of our sedentary lifestyles and toxins from our environment?  That's a good simple answer to aging. What if there was a Way in increase circulation were get more oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body and it was simple and noninvasive  FDA approved and had 20 years of medical studies behind it? External Counterpulsation was Invented at Harvard Medical School. It's been proven simple and effective to help problems from Angina to Erectile Dysfunction.  Cuffs like blood pressure cuffs are placed on your calves, thighs and hips and pump your cardiovascular and lymph systems to the rhythm of your heart increasing blood flow building new arteries and detoxifying the whole system. This benefits the whole system every cell in the body benefits.  Better Circulation = Better Quality of Life

What is it 

External Counterpulsation can improve the quality of your life or the life of someone you Love.

According to the Study's External Counterpulsation called ECP for short. Works like a second Heart to enhance the Cardiopulmonary Systems and Pump and detoxify the Lymph system.  Grows new Arteries For Patients Suffering from Stroke and Heart Disease ECP reverses hardened Arteries for patients suffering from High blood pressure. ECP repairs organ dysfunction for people suffering from Diabetes, Heart Failure, and Kidney Disease. ECP is Non-Invasive Safe and it increases the circulation to every cell in your whole entire body from Head to toe. Some of the Benefits are Increased Stamina, Better Sleep and the reversal of the Aging Process. ECP is a preventive Therapy

Why Does it matter 

The problem is circulation. People today have sedentary lifestyles and that creates circulation problems. In the USA alone, there are 78 Million people with high blood pressure, 15 million with coronary heart disease and 20 million suffering from diabetes.  The CDC reports show 160,000 people died of heart-related problems in 2017.  That equates to one death every 40 seconds at a cost of 20 billion to the economy. These are all problems related to poor circulation. Better Circulation = Better Quality of Life

Better Circulation = Better Quality of Life